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5 Things You Should Do While Inheriting a WordPress business Site


Creating a successful website is not as easy as it seems. bespoke wordpress development It’s not just about development time and sweat, it’s about making things fun, search engine optimization, website security, and more.

That’s why many people prefer to buy or inherit a previously established bespoke wordpress development website rather than start from scratch to skip all the time-consuming work. However, an important point to note is that the legacy of what constitutes WordPress carries its own risks and responsibilities.

Modify login and password to Admin

If you get all the information about the world, you can just change everything. wordpress service provider This ensures that the previous owner or developer cannot modify the product or steal your data. You must also restore all administrator accounts, including contact email addresses.

In fact, many people forget to change the admin mailbox address in the WordPress settings panel. Based on this, be sure to update your contact information to ensure that stoners receive all important announcements.

Make it temporary

Before making any changes to your WordPress site, you should make a backup. This action is the most important because it ensures that if something goes wrong, you can return to the original interpretation smoothly.

easy, the backup should include a folder called / wp-content that contains all the themes, plugins, and uploaded media and database files. wordpress plugin development services This brochure can be downloaded seamlessly via FTP or the control panel available in your web hosting account. Cheats of the WordPress item database can be created through the web host’s control panel or through php MyAdmin.

Get all the Passwords

When inheriting a WordPress site, the first thing to do is to collect all the information about the username and password.

These include web hosting words, FTP words, CDN words, domain operation words, marketing service words, and words for plugins or third-party decorative services used by websites.

We recommend cataloging conversations on videotape with old developers or point owners, as they can explain everything in detail.

A great way to manage all your website keywords is to use Word Director. wordpress development services We recommend using LastPass because it works with all biases and allows you to store passwords in groups, participate securely, and use stronger passwords.

Setup automatic Backup Explanation

Backups are your first line of defense against online disasters. The previous point owner may have their own backup plugin that can save the provisioning line to one of their remote storage accounts.

You want to set up your own backup. There are many great WordPress backup plugins that you can choose from. wordpress design and development services You should make sure that you have set up a backup to a remote location like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

You should also take a full WordPress backup before making any further changes to your site. This will help you recover your site if something goes wrong.

Check security

You also need to make sure your WordPress site is secure and running well.

You can use various plugins to ignore bad laws, security pitfalls, and vulnerabilities. You can use our online speed test tool to test your performance. Another aspect is to check if stealth is configured correctly.

Portable site

If you need to modify or check your site – there are good results. custom wordpress development company You can create a WordPress staging area, which is a clone of your live website that you use to test changes before they go live. bespoke wordpress development This option ensures that you don’t miscalculate which can lead to loss of data and functionality.

Check for proper SEO tracking and integration

However, the owner of the old website may have transferred ownership of Google Analytics to you when you acquired the new website’s capabilities. wordpress website development services Many website owners simply add Google Analytics to their WordPress theme. This law disappears as soon as you upgrade your theme or install a new skeleton.

Make sure Google Analytics is properly installed on your website by using Monster Insights or by adding a shadow rule outside of your WordPress theme.

Additionally, they may have transferred ownership of Google Search Console to you.

Make sure your outlet has XML Sitemaps in place for press hunting. You can also look at the Google Search Console report to make sure there are no crawling or crime issues.

View plugin settings

A typical WordPress website uses a number of plugins that may still be associated with third parties. However, you may also want to change this once you have control over the website.

For example, website contact form plugins can still forward ads to old shipping addresses. WordPress SEO plugins can still point to social media bios of ex-owners.

You can find some of these effects by browsing the website and trying out all the features. You can also view plugin settings and upgrade if needed.


We hope you enjoy this blog. These are all Things that You Should Do While Inheriting a WordPress business Site. bespoke wordpress development If you looking for web development services, and want to inherit a wordpress site then contact 8therate.

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