How Many Spotify Followers Will My Profile Need?

How Many Spotify Followers Will My Profile Need?

Today, 9 out of 10 music fans prefer to use Spotify to listen to their music. However, almost all of the musicians and their music can be found and streamed on Spotify. If you are also one of the latter and have just started making music, you will find that while making music is easy, it is not easy to get listeners and followers. So what can you do to attract more fans? Well, there are always some other alternatives available on the market. I.e., you can always buy them by paying an already predetermined price. Let’s find out how many you need for your profile in the subsequent article.

Why Spotify?

Before getting on to the actual question, you must know why Spotify and not some other streaming services like Apple Music, Gaana, etc. To begin with, Spotify is a Swedish music streaming app that was founded in 2006 and a few years later was made available on a worldwide platform, where it became very popular among music listeners very fast. You can stream music or podcasts on this very platform.

As the app grew in popularity, new features kept being released. The app comes in two versions: a free version with numerous ads throughout and a premium version that costs money to remove the ads.

There are two types of music available on the app: one where you are merely a listener and the other where you also publish your music for others to enjoy. The latter is additionally known as Spotify for Artists.

You can edit your profile with Spotify for Artists, gain access to more insightful audience and music analytics, submit your newest work to playlists, and use “Artist Pick” to spotlight noteworthy tracks, performances, and playlists. By visiting the website’s official page and following a few easy steps, you can easily create your Artist Profile.

What number of Spotify followers do I need for my profile?

This question can be asked in a lot of different situations. Like how many followers to start the Artist account or how many followers to get verified, or maybe how many followers to make your music go trendy or be added to the automatic playlist. Don’t worry; we will be answering this question from each and every angle possible from our side. 

How many Followers Do I Need To Start My Artist Account?

There is no such bar set by Spotify that you need to have in order to do so. You can start your account with absolutely no followers and still post your music and songs for others to hear. All you need to do is post something good so that people will listen to your music after you post it and so that it does not go unnoticed. 

How many followers must I have in order for my account to be verified?

A few years ago, in order for Spotify to verify your artist account and grant you the blue tick, you needed to have at least 250 followers. Today, there is no requirement for minimum follower counts when submitting an application for the Spotify for Artists program. Make Certain That Your Song or Music Is Available on Spotify in Order to Verify Your Profile. After your music has been made available on Spotify and you have logged in with your Spotify account, you must claim your artist profile, after which you will get verified.

How many Followers Do I Need To Get My Music Added to the Automatic Playlist?

Once again, there is no limit set for this too. You can have any amount of followers to get added to an automatic playlist where you will get loads of plays. All you need is trendy music and a lot of listeners for that song to get added to the playlist rather than a lot of followers. I.e., you can have very few followers but a lot of listeners on a particular song, and you will still get added to the playlist. 


As we saw, there are no numbers set for Spotify. As an artist, you can have any number of followers and still post good music for everyone to hear. On Spotify, having a large number of followers and listeners is excellent, but having a small number of them also doesn’t matter as long as you have loyal listeners and fans.

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