Is buying likes for my YouTube videos illegal?

Is buying likes for my YouTube videos illegal?

YouTube has emerged as the most used social media platform worldwide. Its popularity has given opportunities for content creators to use this platform to reach people online and channel their talent. And YouTube’s monetary benefits are not hidden as well. Be it influencers, brands, content creators, artists, educators, etc., put a lot of their efforts into increasing their channel reach so that they can either advertise their brands or get famous and earn a hefty sum from YouTube. And in this process, they start buying YouTube views, comments, and likes to provide that initial push to their channel. And the fact is that the tactics of buying views, likes, and comments work in their favor and make it easier for them to reach their ultimate goals. In this article, you will learn whether buying YouTube likes is illegal.

Why do people opt for buying likes?

 We all know how competitive YouTube has become. Millions of content creators want to be in top positions and work very hard. Thus, it becomes tough to garn a high number of views and especially comments and likes on YouTube even though your content is good enough. It takes patience and effort to convince your audience to hit the like button and appreciate your work. Likes in a video attract an audience to watch the video and check what makes other viewers like the video. Therefore, your video will garn more views and likes if they also find it captivating. And after all, the like button shows how truly people love your work and increases your engagement rate too. Thus, YouTube channel owners buy likes to present their channel as more credible, engaging, and growing subscribers in no time.

Is it illegal to buy YouTube likes?

In simple words, “No,” it is not illegal to buy YouTube likes. But Wait, is it that simple? Well, let me clear this up for you.

Buying bots and artificial views, comments, and likes clearly violates YouTube’s terms and conditions. Thus, if YouTube finds a sudden fluctuation in the number of views and likes, your channel can get banned temporarily or permanently. However, YouTube allows you to buy genuine human views who actively participate on your channel. Therefore, you must thoroughly review the provider’s website and ensure that the seller sells authentic likes without using bots. Otherwise, most scammers are ready to loot your money by providing you with bots that can soon land you in trouble. Hence, buy likes only from a reputable provider that sells genuine human likes.

What things to consider to buy real likes?

To buy real YouTube likes, make sure you deeply search the seller’s websites to know more about the quality services they offer. The following things to keep in mind before buying likes are as follows:-

  1. Make sure the website you choose to buy likes from is well-known and reputed so that there are reduced chances of fraud and scams.
  2. Refrain from trusting sellers who lure you by making fake promises of selling you cheap yet quality services.
  3. Always go through the provider’s website to check the provider’s ratings and reviews to know how their services are.
  4. Always discuss the terms and conditions beforehand so that no issue bothers you in the future after payment.
  5. Select a provider which provides 24/7 customer services after you purchase likes from them.


Buying likes to boost your channel has no harm if you find it useful for your YouTube channel to grow. You need to read all the details about the seller’s website before placing an order for likes. And buy likes from reputed and legitimate sites providing you genuine human likes.

But you must remember that only your hard work and determination to produce engaging content will keep you on track in the long run. Although you choose to buy likes, put consistent efforts into your videos and try to gain organic views and likes on your videos. So, don’t worry a lot; make a much more thoughtful decision.

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