Is shifting to Canada for a nursing job is Good? 

Before going into any special place 

Let’s discuss what is a nursing job is and what the work responsibilities:-

Nursing jobs are yet demanding job in India as well as outside the country. It includes the autonomous and individual levels of care to patients at all levels, as doctors may not look over each individual, 

Various responsibilities could be:- 

°Patients care which includes 

1. ensures proper admission and discharge of patients departed under her. 

2. make a daily basis schedule and maintain a proper health diet chart. 

3. assignment of medicine and regular check of descriptive

Supervision and administration 

1. nurses ensure a clean and secure environment, and the hospital requires clean surroundings. 

2. writes and report staffing duties to their head in regular intervals 

Clint education education

1. She ensures proper educational and motivational sessions for their patients so that they get motivated each day. 

2. provide necessary educational information whenever they need it in the matter of confusion

3. Acts as Mentor and sometimes gives better opinions, which is Beneficiary. 

4. case management 

5. infection and food control

These were some functions and responsibilities performed by a nurse in her job career. 

Specifically in Canada, if we talk about 


Canada is a place where the nursing job is most demanding due to labor shortage, and due to the spread of corona time, the demand and requirement of doctors and the nursing sector have tremendously increased. Thus Registered nurses play a vital role in Canada’s health care system. 

As these pandemics have affected so much to the world economy, because of these factors, the craze for studying abroad, getting good degrees, and placement abroad has increased. As a result, more nursing jobs are available in Canada. Internationally educated nursing(IENs) also play a vital role in filling the gap in nursing jobs. 

It’s all about getting qualified for a nursing job in Canada

Process of becoming a nurse in Canada

One of the first steps of applying online is to NNAS, the National Nursing Assessment Service for Canada. 

There are different roles for nurses like

  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
  • Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN)

There can be a registration fee in Canadian currency, and then necessary information would be provided when needed. 

Things nurses must know before coming to Canada:- 

1.Nursing experience:- there are many practice exams in which real-life practical scenarios are kept in front of nurses to see their applicability and knowledge. So this is the first very important point one should be kept in mind before settling abroad. 

Start your NNAS process before coming abroad – since NNAS is a long process and it may take 2 – 2.5 years, then why don’t we complete all our things and india and finally start our job in Canada? 

So if you don’t want to waste time and utilize it fully, then complete your all-before process in India. 

Finance stability – as we know, the living standard of Canada as compared to india is much higher, so it is much easier if you can financially fulfill your own needs and then work on your passion. 

Know relevant courses – in today’s time, we are offered a wide variety of courses, and knowingly unknowingly, we pay the cost of that course and regret paying a huge amount. So it is mandatory for you to gather relevant information which will customize the amount and will reward you upto the fullest. 

Thus these were the few basic tips or advice one must go through if you are planning to shift to Canada.

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