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Technology’s positive and negative effects on children

Digital technology is everywhere, and so are our children. The question is: Does technology have a positive impact on children? It’s not easy to answer this question because there is so much research supporting each side. We’ll be looking at three negative and two positive effects of technology on children throughout this article.

Positive – Enhances Learning Experiences

Students can benefit from technology’s positive effects on their lives by having access to the internet and tech gadgets. Children need to learn how they can take control of their education. The internet has made it possible for most children to access the internet. It is basically a library with thousands of books and stacks upon stacks of information.

Access to the internet will be considered a necessity in 2022. Many school and homework assignments require access to the internet. Technology can be expensive and difficult to access for some families. There are programs that support families’ use of technology to enhance their education. You can get additional funding if you are Fostering in Stoke on-Trent.

Positive – Improving your IQ

Research has been extensive into IQ tests across all school years. Cornell University administered IQ tests to approximately 9000 students. The results showed that the current generation has a higher IQ. Experts believe this is due to the increased use of technology. It is important to remember that technology can quickly turn into a problem if it is not controlled.

Positive Lifestyles – Active Lifestyles

Children who live in urban areas don’t have much opportunity to exercise outside. This can cause them to stay indoors. Technology has made it possible for children to be encouraged to exercise every day, regardless of how much space they have.

Cyberbullying: The Negative Side Effects

The greatest risk for children using technology is Cyberbullying. This is due to the sheer number of communication platforms. Parents need to monitor their children’s use of technology in order to reduce the risk. This could mean having access to their social networks. Parents can also teach their children how to block others online to stop them from sending harmful messages.

Negative – Less social interaction

Children can become addicted to devices and games that are not regulated, which can lead them to spend too much time on the computer. This can lead to a decline in their social skills. They will be too focused on earning in-game praises to prove their worth. Instead of getting hung up on the level progression, it is important to teach children how to communicate respectfully and positively outside of the virtual world.

Technology has many benefits, including for children. Access must be balanced in order to avoid falling into the trap of being too dependent on technology.

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